Morgantown Welcomes Martin’s

2013-02-16 11.38.03

After months of waiting Morgantown’s first real barbecue joint; Martin’s Bar-B-Que has opened in the Suncrest Towne Center.

I for one have been eagerly anticipating their arrival since I had heard the rumors they were coming to town. I kept close tabs on the action by following their progress on Facebook and Twitter and when they invited their Facebook fans to an impromptu “opening” last Friday I was disappointed I couldn’t make it. Fortunately, I was in line Saturday for lunch on their official opening day.

2013-02-16 11.23.44

I arrived about 11:30 just before the lunch crowd started to roll in and there was a bit of a line,which I expected but the staff moved customers through in a efficient and friendly manner. I placed my order for the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Sweet Dixie Sauce and a regular side of Fries, grabbed my drink, and made my way to a table. While I waited the manager, Kim stopped by to check on me as she did the other patrons enjoying their meals or waiting for their food. My food arrived shortly and as you might guess from the photo below I was eager to dig in.

2013-02-16 11.43.20The Pulled Pork, taken from a whole hog smoked low-n-slow for 20 plus hours, was tender and juicy. In keeping with barbecue tradition the Pulled Pork sandwich is served with Coleslaw “on the sandwich”. Folks who aren’t familiar with traditional barbecue aren’t used to this because they immediately think of the creamy slaw you might find at your local seafood shop. Martin’s serves a traditional vinegar slaw which normally accompanies Southern Barbecue.  The slaw was a good accompaniment to the sandwich. The Sweet Dixie sauce had a nice bite, which I really didn’t notice until I asked for extra. It didn’t come with enough sauce for my taste but the waitstaff was very accommodating when I asked for more. Unlike a lot of barbecue restaurants they don’t put the sauce on the tables. The fries looked hand-cut and were nice and crisp but the regular portion is a lot for one person. I couldn’t finish mine. I’m looking forward to going back to try the ribs, brisket, turkey and their signature “Redneck Taco”. I guess I’ll have to pace myself.

Welcome to Morgantown Martin’s! It’s nice to finally have a traditional, southern style barbecue joint that uses the traditional method of low-and-slow smoking over a hardwood fire, which is featured nicely in the Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives episode below.